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The exhibition presents traditional iconography from the ХVII century to the present days, various works of religious there, created in different styles by means of painting on wood, canvas, enamel on metal, wrought metal, sculpture, wood carving and other, with more than 110 in number.The exhibition features the following famous Ukrainian artists from Canada…(Read More)

The Ukrainian Canadian Art Foundation – KUMF Gallery is pleased to present the virtual reality documentary, AFTERMATH VIRTUAL REALITY: EUROMAIDAN on Saturday, October 26, 2019 from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. For one night only, KUMF Gallery patrons and guests can experience a re-enactment of events that took place during Euromaidan on Institutska Street in…(Read More)

The compositions in Vera Yurchuk’s paintings have typically been vibrantly abstract, with a strong influence from her travels, antiquity and her love of nature. Still life, celebrating womanhood and her Ukrainian heritage have been notable, recurring themes in her paintings. But in the past few years, as the tumultuous events of the early years…(Read More)