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Natalia Kolacz (composer / pianist / arranger) and Deidrey Francois (singer / songwriter).Deidrey Francois & Natalia Kolacz formed their duet in 2006 exploring various contemporary musical styles. Natalia’s musical arrangements of several Ukrainian modern songs are easily infused by Deidrey sultry vocal interpretations.The result is a deliciously smooth jazz pathos that has been very well…(Read More)

The urban landscape when viewed from a city shoreline is ever changing; crisp and grey in the dusk of the morning, barely visible in the summer fog or afternoon haze, or red and black under the setting sun as portrayed in Luboslaw Hutsaliuk’s, Red and Black Landscape (1971). KUMF Gallery is calling for photo…(Read More)

Opening reception – September 8, 2019 @ 2:00 pm “Reflection of the Soul” is a solo retrospective jubilee exhibition of sculptures by Oleh Lesiuk created during the last 25 years. The exhibition will take place at the KUMF Gallery (Ukrainian Canadian Art Foundation) in Toronto from September 8th to September 29th, 2019. It will run…(Read More)

Concert program participants: -Ihor Kovalchuk, cellist and laureate of many Ukrainian and international music competitions -Taras Brylynskyi, pianist -Oksana Pikush, soloist -Oksana Smilska, actress -Tanya Stech, editor of CUIS and reporter of Kontakt TV -Yuriy Dunets,  President Ukrainian National Youth Federation -Taras Nazarok, special guest of Kontakt TVC…(Read More)