Our Mission & Objectives

Our mission is to serve the Ukrainian community by preserving, collecting, exhibiting, and fostering the understanding of works of art at the highest possible gallery standards.
Our strength lies in our Permanent Collection of art, and its accessibility to the public. The Permanent Collection must be expanded, preserved, interpreted, and used extensively by the public for pleasure and understanding, for research and the advancement of knowledge.

The UCAF by-laws, Board of Directors´ action, and staff guidelines focus on implementing the following objectives:
Preserving the Permanent Collection: Our principal duty is to keep our Permanent Collection and the facilities that house it intact and in optimum condition for future generations. To carry out this responsibility, UCAF maintains effective programs of security, environmental control, building maintenance, and conservation.

Expanding Exhibitions – Our Permanent Collection reflects the Ukrainian community, stewards its visual arts heritage and preserves an important part of the community’s history for the benefit of future generations.  UCAF is dedicated to putting its Permanent Collection on view at the UCAF Gallery in Toronto and elsewhere by loan as well as borrowing works of art for exhibition. Because its collecting field is narrow when seen in the context of world art, UCAF strives to supplement its own works with exhibitions from other cultures and cooperates extensively with various ethnic art communities. Simultaneously, balance is sought with exhibitions that illuminate and reinforce our Permanent Collection.

Growing Collection – UCAF limits its active art collecting primarily to paintings, sculptures, graphics, works of applied art, and new media originating in Ukraine and from Ukrainian artists residing in Canada and abroad. Our donation policy allows us to accept works of art which will enrich the Permanent Collection and contribute to the implementation of our Strategic Plan.

Fostering Understanding  – UCAF’s role as an institution dedicated to fostering an understanding of Ukrainian art operates on a broad spectrum. From bringing new Ukrainian artists to the community’s attention, to the dissemination of knowledge to visitors of all ages and to the widest possible online audiences, and UCAF seeks to educate through lectures, art programs and publications.

Growing Audience – We strive to increase our attendance by deepening our relationships with existing UCAF members and visitors, attracting new audiences and diversifying our audiences, presenting a consistent brand across all elements of our business.

Diversified Programming – UCAF aims to provide visitors of all ages with tools for active and sustained engagement with art. We strive to offer a full spectrum of activities that ranges from broad introductions to themes and ideas related to art, to engaging in dialogue about topics and issues addressed by our exhibitions and various art-related classes and workshops.