For the Artists we provide:

Guidance in, introducing your work to a wider audience, increasing your artistic exposure and helping you develop your art careers.
Valuable advice to you as an artist on a range of topics, from practical tips on packing and shipping artwork, to suggestions for promotional possibilities and career development, to helpful hints for artists to find inspiration and their own unique voice, and more.
Promotion for you with a personal artist page on our website.

For Art Lovers we provide:

Referral to Experts for art appraisals, framing, and art restoration
Arrangements for commissioning artworks: whether it be a piece of art that you loved but it sold, or a family photograph that you want immortalized in a work of art or a palette or size of a particular artist’s work.

For Fundraisers, Seminars and Corporate functions we provide:
A unique, visually and remarkably flexible air conditioned commercial arts space and event venue, with theatre seating up to 60-70 persons.