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“Passion of being”


Yurij Solovij, a painter, sculptor and art critic, was born in Lviv, resides in America. He finished his studies in a commercial art school in Lviv (1944). Since the 1950s, Solovij became fascinated with basic human themes of life and death, pain and suffering, and depicted them in his own unique style. His works are…(Read More)

The Ukrainian Association of Visual Artists of Canada (US OM) was founded in 1955 – 1956 by the arts activists Mykhailo Dmytrenko, Bohdan Stebelsky and Ivan Keywan with the support of other like-minded artists. The Association has included such notable members as Mykhailo Dmytrenko, Bohdan Stebelsky, Ivan Keywan, William Kurelek, Leo Mol, Myron Levytsky…(Read More)