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December 5 – 14, 2008 opening reception December 5 from 7:30 – 9:30PM UNDER THE CHRISTMAS TREE Art Exhibit & Sale Andrij Petrovskiy, Pavlo Pottery, Roman Romanyshyn and Peter Shostak An art exhibit of unique Christmas gifts. Andriy Petrovskiy – decorative vases, bowls and glass sculptures Pavlo Pottery – elegantly crafted, handmade stoneware pottery Roman…(Read More)

November 16 – 29, 2008 SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE Olexander Wlasenko Olexander Wlasenko’s studio production focuses on a personal and investigative discourse surrounding drawing’s relationship to lens based media (i.e. photography, cinema) in modern culture. The images he chooses to work with trigger involuntary and perhaps atavistic memories. As the artist mentions: “I perceive the…(Read More)

October 23 – November 9, 2008 COLOURS & KEYS – Art Exhibit & Piano Recital VISUAL ARTISTS: Sonia Cyhynka, Rina Gottesman, Leonore Johnston, Charlene Mandelbaum MUSICAL ARTISTS: Maria Dolnycky & Irina Semenova Colours and Keys combine their love of art and music to create an unusual visual and sensory response to the world around them…(Read More)

ТОРОНТО – Ґалєрія КУМФ це не тільки приміщення де відбуваються виставки художників але також і культурні, музичні і театральні програми. В день 19-го жовтня до Торонта загостила відома українська актриса – Світлана Ватаманюк із своєю одноособовою музично-поетичною інсценезацією композиції “Чужина”. В своїй програмі вона театрально передала інтимну лірику Лесі Українки, уривки листів Олени Теліги і…(Read More)

September 21 – 28, 2008 FAR, FAR AWAY Postcards from Pre-Revolutionary Ukraine At the end of the nineteenth century the attraction of the picture postcard followed, after a fashion, the growing appetite for travel. Every corner of the globe was within reach and Ukraine was no exception. The allure of Ukraine, however, was limited. It…(Read More)

September 12 – 14, 2008 SWEEPINGS: Treasures from the Atelier Floor is an exhibition of pieces that Ivaan Kotulsky started to make for his own pleasure during the luxurious periods between clients. Article >>> Opening reception: Friday, September 12, at 7-9pm…(Read More)