“Reflection of the Soul” Sculptures by Oleh Lesiuk. September 10 – October 1, 2023


Video report from exhibit opening by; MXL Media, Taras Lesiuk, Annick Sheedy McLellan https://fb.watch/n27aU2n02M/?mibextid=CDWPTG. https://www.facebook.com/ForumTVCanada/videos/1047478949727855

“Reflection of the Soul” is a solo retrospective exhibition of sculptures by Oleh Lesiuk created during the last 25 years.

The exhibition will feature a series of sculptures reflecting different aspects of life and death (“The Soul of the Hands”); a range of human emotions, like inspiration, creativity (“Muse”, “Dream”), love (“The Wings of Love”, “Melody of Love”, “Confluence of Feelings”), melancholy (“Rain in the Mountains”); family values (“Maternity”, Family Tree”); the dawn of a new day (“Sunrise”, “Awakening”); human beauty (“The Earth”, “Torso”); exploration of nature (“Sun Bird”, “Blue Fish”); conflict between Good and Evil (“Confrontation”); Ukrainian history and Ukrainian settlement in Canada (“Executed Song”, “Crucified Bread”, “People the Waves”).

The ideas for my sculptures may originate from my thoughts, atmosphere, mood, relationships with people, experiences with various subjects or in response to historical moments, or current political or cultural events in the world. I use symbolism in my artwork to convey these ideas and thoughts to the viewer.

These sculptures are created in a variety of media: terra cotta, grog, wood, bronze, steel, glass, stone, acrylics, stains, waxes and patinas. Each piece has been carefully selected, depending on the theme, to give the best possible impression.

Each composition is created with contrasting lines and forms, harmony and proportions, and textures of various materials. Collectively, they emphasize a dynamic, spiralling, vertical momentum.

The sculptures series “Reflection of the Soul” reflects every moment of Mankind on our Planet.

Relying on my previous experience, I will give several sculpture presentations and gallery tours for various Ukrainian organizations and schools during the run of the exhibition. I believe this type of engagement with the Ukrainian community and its youth is important because it raises awareness and appreciation for Ukrainian art and artists.

A jazz concert of well-known Ukrainian and Canadian musicians is also scheduled for this time. We anticipate that these events, along with the exhibition, will attract hundreds of visitors to the KUMF Gallery.

A full-colour catalogue of my sculptures is being published for the exhibition and will feature articles by: Roman Yatsiv, a well-known art critic from Ukraine who is also a professor and pro-rector at the Lviv Academy of Arts; Khrystyna Beregovska, an internationally recognized art critic; and others.

This jubilee exhibition of sculptures is a creative reflection of me as an artist and as a person, revealing my vision, thoughts and feelings. It is my confession to God, to the community and to the people of the World.

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