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Watch here >>> European audiences first heard of the Innovation Duo in 2004 when they performed P. de Sarasate’s works at the Porto-Carras Festival (Greece). Since then, they have performed hundreds of concerts and their courageous repertoire strategy has already been confirmed by the extensiveness of their tours, the enthusiastic reviews…(Read More)

Watch here >>> Myron Bloshchychak is a unique virtuoso musician, author and performer of various genres of music, researcher and master of Ukrainian folk wind musical instruments. Clarinet, saxophone, pan flute, telynka (open flute without holes), floyara (long open flute with 6 holes), recorder, double flute, zozulia (cuckoo whistle), drymba (jew’s harp…(Read More)

Watch here >>> The journey for Vasyl Popadiuk from Ukraine to Canada has been one of musical adventure, starting at Kyiv’s Lysenko school for gifted children at the tender age of 7, and continuing at Ukraine’s National Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music from age 18. Very early in life he had discovered…(Read More)

Watch here >>> Natalia Gil graduated from Lviv State Conservatory, class bandura. Performed in a variety of concert halls in Ukraine and abroad, was part of Ostap Stakhiv Folk Theatre, Lvivyanka Ensemble. She is an active member and performer of the Ukrainian community, a member of the Women Bandura Ensemble of North America…(Read More)

Watch here >>> Victor Mishalow was born in Sydney, Australia. Studied bandura under Peter Deriashnyj and Hryhory Bazhul in Australia. He completed his studies in Music at the University of Sydney.In 1978, he received a scholarship from the Australian Arts Council to study bandura under the leading bandurists of the Ukrainian diaspora who lived in…(Read More)

Watch here>> Originally from Ternopil, Ukraine Vocal Group OTAVA sings and performs a creative fusion of traditional Ukrainian and Lemko folk songs with a modern twist, as well as carols and hayivky, Cossack songs and songs of a spiritual nature. Not to be mistaken with the city Ottawa, ‘OTAVA’ in Ukrainian is a word that…(Read More) Roman Kolyada – pianist, composer, poet, TV & radio host.Author of several piano albums – neo-romanticism, cinematography music, and neo-jazz, as well as poetry publications. Roman Kolyada performs concerts since 2001 in Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain. Roman participates in many…(Read More)