Sacred Art Exhibition. Nov.01, 2019-Jan.30.2020


The exhibition presents traditional iconography from the ХVII century to the present days, various works of religious there, created in different styles by means of painting on wood, canvas, enamel on metal, wrought metal, sculpture, wood carving and other, with more than 110 in number.

The exhibition features the following famous Ukrainian artists from Canada: Mykola Bidniak, Halyna Nowakiwska, Yurij Kozak, Bohdan Holowacki, Pavlo Lopata, Marianna Savaryn, Ivan Lazirko, Oleh Lesiuk, Anastasia Chemikos, Zoya Vasiliychuk,
Andrey Sinitar and Ludmila Barmina.

Artists from Ukraine: Taras Novak, Taras and Kateryna Kuziv.