Nykyfor (Epifanij Drovnjak) “Joy and Suffering Light” February 21-29, 2016


February 21-28, 2016
Opening Sunday, February 21 at 3 pm
(Epifanij Drovnjak 1895-1968)
” Joy and Suffering Light “
Drawings from private collections of Petro Skrijka, Krakiv, Poland

Nykyfor, who was of Lemko origin, was born in the vicinity of Krynicy (Poland), where he also died.
He began to paint very early on in life. Some of his paintings, dating back to when he was thirteen years old have been preserved. On the back of his paintings, Nykyfor often stamped a round seal bearing the name of Nikifor-Matejko. Many of his works are landscapes with the outline of a church in the background. Nykyfor a self-taught artist, liked to paint with watercolours, sometimes combining them with tempera or oils. In his final years, he also used crayons.
He achieved a full spectrum of colour and was able to use his palette to evoke moods – most often nostalgic moods. Regardless of the theme, Nykyfor’s works are small, often not much larger than a small sheet of paper. Initially he would use any scraps of paper he was given – notebooks, chocolate wrappers, cigarette boxes or wrapping paper. Due to Nykyfor being so poor, he would often make pictures on both sides of whatever paper he was using.
His works are in numerous museums and private collections throughout Europe and abroad. His works have been on display in many international exhibitions.