“ENTER STAGE RIGHT ” by Barbara Hart. June 7-22, 2014


In her third solo exhibition in Toronto the artist states that the soul of a people lies in its art, and the caretakers are the composers, the artists and the spinners of tales.
This artist is in a position to view the process of artistic creation from several vantages as she is a professional musician freelancing in the Toronto area and she has a passion for art and painting.
Largely self taught in art and having studied at Fleming College of Art, OCAD,
and numerous art workshops, she is intrigued by the artistic process and the special world of the performer.
“Enter Stage Right” is a collection of acrylic and oils in lively abstractions,
celebrating performers of all kinds: actors, singers, dancers, musicians,
as well as people in everyday scenes, as we are all performers.

June 7-22, 2014
Reception: Sat. June 7, 2:00 p.m.
Live entertainment