One Sail House. May 28-June 26, 2022


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Video report from the exhibition opening – May 27,2022– Art review by Halyna Kostiuk, art historian and Candidate of Philological Sciences.

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ART TALK with Armine Bozhko:

Saturday, May 28 2022 at 7pm. – Vasyl Makhno poetry reading and book presentation.

The joint creative project One Sail House aims to present the author’s poetry reading by Vasyl Makhno One Sail House and exhibit the series of original paintings created for the book by artist Armine Bozhko. The exhibition is an opportunity to get acquainted with the poetry of Ukrainian writer Vasyl Makhno and the oil paintings by artist Armine Bozhko. This exhibition is an opportunity to consider art in a symbiosis of forms – poetry and painting in one space, making connections and combinations created by word and image. It is also a representation of the cooperation of Ukrainian artists living and working in America and the role of art as a communication between artists. Every artist is a self-sufficient individual, but through art they are able to achieve a connection with the world.

In 2021, I worked together with the Ukrainian writer Vasyl Makhno to illustrate his book of poetry, One Sail House. The book was published by Old Lion Publishing House and is now available in bookstores in Ukraine. Before the publication of One Sail House I created a series of works that were included in the design of the book. In the process of working on the art series, as a visual embodiment of images created by the poetry of Vasyl Makhno, it became clear there existed a similar creative vision in this collaboration. There was also an interest in tracing creative parallels that combine the figurative words and images. The poetic word composes in our imagination and consciousness the image that evokes aesthetics, just as painting turns to a poetic allegory to convey an emotional feeling to the viewer.

In Vasyl Makhno’s book, life and spiritual experience is a journey through time, history, memory of experience, and physical boundaries. Through his poetry, the author turns to the metaphor of travel as a process and cognitive essence of life. While working on the artistic design of the book, I observed the existence of parallels that existed between the themes, style, mood, observation of the world in the poetry of Vasyl Makhno and my creative works. In connection with this creative experience, I had the idea to present the possibility of drawing these parallels in one physical space of the exhibition hall.

The exhibition will feature works included in the artistic design of the book One Sail House, consisting of nine works made in oil on canvas. The exhibition will also include works that are thematically related to the concept of the project but created in different periods of my work. In total, the exhibition will include 25-30 creative works. During the exhibition, the author Vasyl Makhno will read and present his collection of poetry One Sail House.

Author of the idea of ​​the creative project:
Armine Bozhko