Canvas Canada-Exhibit “i”

by…/canvas-canada-exhibit-i…/ October 21 – 31, 2021 CANVAS CANADA – EXHIBIT “i”online auction fundraiser with a twisthosted by Waddington’s Canada’s Auction & Appraisal

We invite you to view online gallery:…/canvas-canada…/gallery/Online bidding: October 21 – 31, 2021Please register to bid at:

The Alberta Council for the Ukrainian Arts (ACUA) in partnership with the Ukrainian Canadian Art Foundation (UCAF) / KUMF™ Gallery (Toronto) launch their first online fundraising auction with a twist, “Canvas Canada – Exhibit ‘i’”.

To celebrate milestone anniversaries – the 35-th for ACUA and the 45-th for UCAF/KUMF™ Gallery, “Canvas Canada – Exhibit ‘i’” will feature the works of Ukrainian and Canadian artists from across the country – ranging from paintings, drawings, photographs, ceramics, sculptures or textiles to graphic works, illustrations, and mock-ups.

3 Responses to "Canvas Canada-Exhibit “i”"
  1. Thank you for co-sponsoring & co-ordinating this online Auction Exhibit “i”.
    For the successful Bidders – Would you kindly provide details re Payment, Pick-up, & confirm whether Edmonton pieces will be collectively shipped to KUMF in Toronto for Torontonian Purchasers & vice versa for Edmontonians, etc. Thank you & Dyakuyu!

    • Привіт Мотря,
      Я відправила твоє запитання відповідним особам.

      • Дуже дякую, Марійцю! І щиросердечне «Дякую!» ВСІМ мистцям за таку добродушну та красну творчість! Та грімке «Ґратулюю!» організаторам КУМФ і ACUA та Waddington’s за успішне і цікаве переведення аукціону! Мотря – Не Творець, але великий Любитель Мистецтва : )

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