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Oleksii Koval’s artwork, executed in enamels, has been called the code of a nation, the quintessence of everything that you see or know about Ukraine, nature, journeys, and life. The “Small Ukrainian Series” (30 works), which the artist is showing at KUMF Gallery in an exhibition titled “UKRAINIAN PORTRAITS”, is filled with the particular…(Read More)

Oksana densely ornaments glass, as her grandmother used to ornament shirts, arranging thousand-year old letters-symbols in texts about perpetual things: Life, Death, Love… One may read into her compositions as into a pysanka, embroidered shirt or an icon, or simply relish the variations of modern plastic arts and gentle emotions of refined pearl…(Read More)

Group Exhibit The Ukrainian Association of Visual Artists of Canada (USOM) Opening reception: Sunday, October 29 at  2 p.m. The Ukrainian Association of Visual Artists of Canada (USOM) was founded in 1955 – 1956 by the arts activists Mykhailo Dmytrenko, Bohdan Stebelsky and Ivan Keywan with the support of other like-minded artists. The Association…(Read More)

May 12 – 28, 2017 The Ukrainian Canadian Art Foundation / KUMF Gallery present “KRAÎNA: MY CANADA” Photo Exhibit by Lesia Maruschak, as part of the CONTACT Scotiabank Photography Festival. Opening Reception: Friday, May 12, 2017, at 7 pm.…/kumf-gallery-kraina KRAÏNA, gives form to an…(Read More)