Olga Popova “Thirty Three Emotions”


In the Thirty-Three Emotions concert, pianist and composer Olga Popova performs her works written during the first year of war in Ukraine.

OLGA POPOVA is a composer, Member of the National Union of Composers of Ukraine (2001), laureate of International, All-Ukrainian and regional competitions, pianist, methodologist, and music teacher.

Olga Popova fled Ukraine during the beginning of russian invasion, her native town of Energodar is now occupied by russian military.

Come and join Olga Popova in concert on Feb. 25th at 3:00 pm at UNF Lobby Hall, 145 Evans Ave, ON M8Z 5X8

Tickets: preorder $20.00 from Ukrainian Canadian Art Foundation, 145 Evans Ave, Suite 101, tel. (416) 766-6802 at the door $25.00

Come and immerse yourself in the Thirty-Three Emotions of Olga Popova’s music!

Organizers Uliana Hlynchak
Sponsors liason Markian Silecky and Marie Nazar
Poster design Lidia Moroz