Victor Malarek, September 30, 2022


Third season of the Contemporary Ukrainian Emigre and Diaspora Literature. Please join Victor Malarek, renown Canadian journalist and writer as he presents his latest book WheatShaft.

Friday, September 30, 7:00 pm, KUMF Gallery. Opportunity to purchase a book and receive an autograph from the writer. All proceeds go to Canada Ukraine Foundation.

Victor Malarek has been a journalist for more than four decades.
In 2017, he retired from CTV’s investigative current affairs show W5 where he was the senior investigative reporter for 17 years. Often described as a tough crusading reporter, Malarek began his career in journalism as a copy boy at Weekend Magazine in Montreal in 1968. Two years later, he joined The Montreal Star as a police reporter. A year later, he broke a front-page story that would set the stage for his move into the world of investigative journalism. It involved the suicides of three teenage boys who hanged themselves with skate laces in their cells a sorely mismanaged Montreal juvenile detention center over the Christmas holidays.
In 1976, Canada’s National Newspaper, The Globe and Mail recruited Malarek where his work as an investigative reporter over 14 years at the paper garnered an unprecedented three Michener Awards for meritorious public service journalism.
In 1990, the CBC hired Malarek as a co-host of its current affairs show: the fifth estate, where he was awarded a Gemini in 1997 as Canada’s top broadcast journalist, and in 2000 a fourth Michener Award. A decade later, Malarek joined CTV’s W5 as its senior investigative reporter where his documentaries garnered four Canadian Screen Awards.
In his 27 years in television, he has worked on more than 300 investigative documentaries. Malarek has reported from across Canada, the United States, and the European Union, as well as Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iran, Kurdistan, Ethiopia, Somalia, South-East Asia, and Central and South America.
Malarek is the author of six non-fiction books including his internationally acclaimed The Natashas: Inside the Global Sex trade, which has been published in a dozen countries, as well as his best-selling autobiography “Hey Malarek!” which was adapted into a 1998 feature film simply titled: Malarek, and a TV drama series on CBC called Urban Angel.
He has alao written two mystery fictions: Orphanage 41, and his most recent, Wheat$shaft.
A second feature movie called Target Number One, starring Josh Hartnett in the role of Malarek, was released in July, 2020 in Canada, the US and Britain.

Introduction by Olga Khometa is ais a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Slavic Literatures and Languages at the University of Toronto, where she has been teaching language and literature courses for the past 5 years.
Olga’s research focuses on twentieth century Ukrainian and Russian poetry, modernism, late modernism, socialist realism, contemporary Ukrainian literature, theory of communicative act, ventriloquism, grotesque, and trauma theory. She is currently working on her dissertation entitled “Late Modernism in the USSR: Ukrainian and Russian Literatures in 1928-38.”
Olga gave her most recent public talk on Pavlo Tychyna’s Party Leads on invitation by NTSh in Canada. Olga earned both her Master’s and Bachelor’s degree with a major in Ukrainian Language and Literature at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. She also completed the summer school in Ukrainian studies in the Harvard Ukrainian Summer Institute.
Olga is an active member of the international academic community in Ukrainian studies. She regularly participates in major international conferences in Slavic studies in Canada and abroad such as ASEEES, ATSEEL, and CAS. She is currently a member of the executive board of the Shevchenko Scientific Society of Canada and of the Canadian Association of Ukrainian Studies. Olga also works with Krytyka journal, and organizes cultural events in Toronto.
Olga does poetry translations between English and Ukrainian and writes her own poetry in both languages.
Moderator: Uliana Hlynchak, Head of UCAF programming, journalist, producer at Ukrainian TV Network KONTAKT