Resistance. October 13-November 20, 2022


“RESISTANCE” is a charity exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian art created during the war.
The exhibition takes place within the framework of the international project “We and the World” and is organized with the support of the Kozytskyi Charitable Foundation.

Exhibit curator – Khrystyna Beregovska, art director of the Kozytsky Charitable Foundation, PhD Fine Arts.
Co-curator – Karina Davydova, art researcher, postgraduate student of the Lviv National Academy of Arts.

For purchase of artwork, please contact KUMF Gallery at info@kumfgallery.comPrices exclude HST.

Today Ukrainians are like falcons who only soar high when they are flying against the
Since the 24′ of February every person – soldier, volunteer, doctor, priest, politician,
artist, retiree and student was and is offering up resistance daily. The people of Bucha,
Olenivka, Izyum, Chornobaivka, Hostomel, Mariupol, Lysychansk resisted. In their
struggle against the invader they lost everything – homes, sanity, limbs, virginity, nails,
hair, their lives.
Thousands have perished! Millions only wish to live in a peaceful country, a country
now known in every corner of the world.
The Resistance exhibition illustrates “the sudden start and unbearable duration” of the
war. Every work, individually and the exhibit as a whole, suggests the resistance of
Ukrainian artists – those who continue working in the rear, those who went through the
hell of evacuation, those who traded in their brushes and canvas for a rifle.
On the canvases one can decipher the resistance offered by nature and architectural
heritage, of brave warriors, children, wives and mothers who instead of embracing their
children now embrace javelins. Today every Ukrainian artist is a brave ambassador of
his/her country. Bravery – that is the ability to preserve one’s dignity under the pressure
of unfortunate circumstances, when from morning till night you must hold in your mind
the idea of resistance.
The exhibition takes place within the framework of the art project “WE AND THE
WORLD” sponsored by the Kozytskyi Charitable Fund. The mission of the Fund is to
conduct and support the cultural diplomacy of Ukraine, consequently, to organize
exhibitions-promotions of Ukrainian art throughout the world. Exhibitions were held in
Berlin (03.06.22), Vienna (05.06.22). Lviv (16.06.22). Paris (28.06.22), Rome
(19.07.22), Prague (05.10.22).

Art Director of the Kozutskyi Charitable Foundation
Khrystyna Berehovska , PhD Fine Arts

What the world learned about Ukrainian culture after February 24 . The project “We and the world” Khrystyna Beregovska.