Vandiak Bohdan (1959-2015)

1984-1989 Degree in Stain Glass Art, Lviv Institute of Applied and Decorative Art
1982-1984 Fine Art Studies, St. Petersburg Academy of Art
1976-1980 Degree in Sculpture Studio,
Lviv College of Art

Vandiak is a fine art painter with more than 15 years of training in classical art. In this media, he has received awards and recognition as a fine art painter. In 1997 he changed his media to computer generated art in order to discover something different in the world of fine art. In his new media of computer graphics, he has been accepted at international shows in Canada, United States and East Europe.

Among his accomplishments he adds Silver Award, Non-commercial Digital Video, Graphic Exchange 2002 Digital Art Awards, Canada, 2002. Best Multi-Media/Computer Generated Award, The 2001 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Canada, 2001. “Juror’s Award” Society of Canadian Artists Open Juried Exhibition 1997, Canada, 1997. “Finalist Award” Portrait Category The Artist’s Magazine Annual Art Competition 1997 alone with publications of these in artists magazines, U.S.A., 1997. “Best Artist Award” Toronto Indoor Art Show Organized by artfocus Magazine CBC Broadcast Centre. Canada, 1996.

His solo exhibitions include “National Museum of T. Shevchenko”, Kiev, Ukrain, 2002. “Museum of Ethnography and Crafts”, Lviv, Ukrain, 2002. KUMF Gallery Toronto, Canada. 2001. Gallery 304 Toronto, Canada, 1996. KUMF Gallery Toronto, Canada, 1992. “Niagara Falls Museum”, Niagara Falls, Canada, 1991.

His group exhibitions include “Caelum Gallery”, Chelsea, New York NY. U.S.A. 2003. “Agora Gallery”, Soho NY. U.S.A. 2002. Peel Heritage Complex Brampton, Canada. 2001. International Biennale D’Art Miniature 2000 Ville-Marie, PQ Canada, 2000. Contemporary 11 “Gallery” Omaha, Na U.S.A. 2000. The Twenty-Second Juried Show Mississauga, Canada, 1999. Celebration of the Arts Uxbridge, Canada, 1997. IMAGE ’97 The Ontario Society of Artists Mississauga, Canada, 1997. Society of Canadian Artists’ Toronto, Canada, 1997. “The Art Gallery of Mississauga” Mississauga, Canada., 1996. ARTSite EXPO ’96 Mississauga, Canada, 1996. Toronto Indoor Art Show, Artfocus Magazine Toronto, Canada, 1996. Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition Toronto, Canada, 1996. U.A.A. in U.S.A. New York, U.S.A., 1994. Children of Chernobyl Fund Mississauga. Canada. 1991. Christian Motives, “The Museum of Ethnography”, Lviv, Ukrain, 1989.

2004 L. Kurbas theater, Lviv, Ukraine
2004 KUMF Gallery, Toronto ON. Canada
2002 National Museum of T. Shevchenko, Kiev, Ukraine
2002 Museum of Ethnography and Crafts, Lviv, Ukraine
2001 KUMF Gallery, Toronto ON. Canada
1996 “Gallery 304”, 80 Spadina, Toronto ON. Canada
1992 KUMF Gallery, Toronto ON. Canada
1991 Niagara Falls Museum, Niagara Falls ON. Canada

2006 The Assembly Hall, Toronto ON, Canada
2005 “Art Square”, Toronto ON, Canada
2003 “Caelum Gallery”, Chelsea, New York NY. U.S.A.
2002 “Agora Gallery”, Soho, New York NY. U.S.A.
2001 The First Canadian Place Gallery, Toronto ON. Canada
2001 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto ON. Canada
2001 Peel Heritage Complex Juried Art Exhibit, Bramoton ON. Canada
2001 Praxis Gallery, Toronto ON. Canada
2000 International Biennale D’Art Miniature 2000, Quebec City PQ. Canada
2000 Contemporary II “Gallery”, Omaha, Nebraska. U.S.A.
1999 “The Twenty-Second Juried Show”, Art Gallery of Mississauga, ON. Canada
1999 Praxis Gallery Annual Juried Exhibition, Toronto ON. Canada
1997 Celebration of the Arts, Uxbridge ON. Canada
1997 “IMAGE 97” The Ontario Society of Artists, Mississauga ON. Canada
1997 Society of Canadian Artists Annual Juried Exhibition, Toronto ON. Canada
1996 The Art Gallery of Mississauga Annual Juried Exhibition, Mississauga ON. Canada
1996 “ARTSite” EXPO ’96, Mississauga ON. Canada
1996 Toronto Indoor Art Show, artfocus Magazine, Toronto ON. Canada
1996 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto ON. Canada
1996 The Canadian Design Movement, Toronto ON. Canada
1995 “New Generation” Polish Community Centre, Toronto ON. Canada
1994 “U.A.A. in USA”, NewYork NY. U.S.A.
1994 “Gallery 306” Juried Exhibition, 80 Spadina, Toronto ON. Canada
1994 CUMF, USOM, Toronto ON. Canada
1993 CUMF Annual Juried Exhibition, Toronto ON. Canada
1991 ARTSWEEK “Mystestvo a la Ukraine”, Toronto ON. Canada
1991 Children of Chernobyl Fund Annual Juried Exhibition, Toronto ON. Canada
1990 “Christian Motives”, The Museum of Ethnography, Lviv, Ukraine
1984 “Earth and Her People”, Ivano-Frankivsk Public Gallery, Ukraine
1983 “The Free Mind”, Public Gallery, Leningrad, Russia
1981 “Land and People”, Public Gallery, Ivan-Frankivsk, Ukraine
1980 “Young Adults”, Public Gallery, Ivan-Frankivsk, Ukraine

2002 Silver Award, Non-commercial Digital Video, Graphic Exchange 2002 Digital Art Awards. Canada.
2001 Best Multi-Media/Computer Generated Purchase Award sponsored by the East Queen Gallery, The 2001 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. Canada.
1997 Finalist in the Portrait Category, The Artist’s Magazine 1997 Annual Art Competition. U. S.A.
1997 Juror’s Award, Society of Canadian Artists Open Juried Exhibition 1997. Canada.
1996 Artist’s Award for Best in Show, 5th Toronto Indoor Art Show organized by artfocus Magazine at the CBC Broadcast Centre. Canada.


“It Is The Art That Is The Reflection Of The Soul”
I believe that art reflects an image of our existence. My work is an attempt to examine this image. I seek to explore the subconscious as it exists in human behavior. Exploring our actions, words and deeds can reveal secret truths. These truths originate in the soul and mind, and can be discovered in our behavior in present day society. Recognizing what comes from the depth of our soul is essential to understanding our existence.
This touching of the soul is what pushes me to develop my work. The humans and figures in my pieces are the main focus of my study. Their love, pain, happiness and sadness represent the journey of discovery I take. My work is in response to the questions I put to myself and to others. The existing dialog in my pieces reflects my personal journey of confession, of sharing and of learning. My hope is to open the discussion of our existence.