Negrych Olenka

Born in 1976 in Lviv, Ukraine, Olenka Nehrych graduated from Lviv’s College of Art and Design, Faculty of Graphic Design in 1996. She continued her education at Lviv’s Academy of Art and Design, Faculty of Textile Design. From 1999 to 2000 she lived and studied in London, UK. In 2000 she moved to Toronto, Canada were she currently lives and works. Her works are displayed in local galleries and private art collections around the world.

In accordance with her own feelings, Olenka Nehrych is an optimistic and positive person. She seeks out beauty in every subject and tries to convey joy and bright emotions through her paintings — in contrast to, or perhaps as relief from a terrestrial life that sometimes is cruel and very complicated. Her perception of the world has strong impact on the colours that she chooses — which are mostly vibrant and bright. Her oil paintings are filled with light & air and her batiks can be whimsical or imbued with extraordinary deepness & calmness.

Olenka’s subject matter is very diverse. Travelling extensively around the world she experienced different cultures and was exposed to many influences. Though she does not limit herself just to Ukrainian subjects and aesthetic traditions, her Ukrainian background certainly comes through quite vividly in her works. In large part this is due to her classic Ukrainian art education.