Strategic Plan 2017-2020

This Strategic Plan was developed with input from the KUMF Gallery Board of Directors, staff, members, volunteers, supporters and partners.

Over the next three years, the goal is to achieve progress in the following areas:

KUMF will be a catalyst for new ideas, creative thinking and a dynamic barometer of Ukrainian art in its myriad forms. The KUMF Gallery will be an even more influential presence in the community and will inspire its audience, be a vital and vibrant voice for discovery and invention, and nurture the community’s art scene.

The KUMF Gallery’s social space, amenities and welcoming atmosphere will promote and enable wide community interest and participation in art of uncompromising excellence. KUMF will foster the development of a salon culture, making the KUMF Gallery a creative hub and site of exchange, a socially vibrant “third-place” where people meet and connect, in the kind of inspirational setting that great art makes possible.

KUMF will maximize connections between people, artists and the community and explore the world of diverse ideas through cross-disciplinary projects, classes and workshops that reflect, reveal, inspire and celebrate the artistic capacity of our community.
In working towards the implementation of the above plan, the Board of Directors will rely on the following crucial tools:

Higher Profile
KUMF will focus on inspiring the KUMF Gallery audience and increasing awareness about the KUMF Gallery programs and purpose, the role and value of art, and the links between art, creativity and innovation. We will extend marketing efforts to inform new audiences about KUMF, locally and globally.  The KUMF Gallery location and/or current facility improvements are central to successfully implementing this Strategic Plan. Funds are needed to create a more engaging space, address collection storage constraints, enhance our capacity to exhibit the Permanent Collection, accommodate more varied exhibitions, properly accommodate our education and public programs and create the social space needed to establish the KUMF Gallery as a creative hub.

Sustainable Partnerships
A diversified and sustainable funding model is essential to our ability to provide curatorial and educational offerings of the highest standard, and to appropriately steward and augment the permanent collection. KUMF will focus its attention on strengthening relationships with supporters and partners who provide KUMF with a sustainable and predictable base of financial support and the capacity to program over the long term.

Innovative Programming
KUMF will work across disciplines and with other organizations to build vibrant cross-disciplinary projects that embrace other areas of knowledge to magnify our impact and connections to the Ukrainian community.  We will more fully harness the digital age by exploring and embracing technology and partnerships with innovative thinkers to disseminate information and ideas by incorporating technology into all aspects of our programming.