“Stolen life” photo project. “Doors” art installation.


Admission by donation. All costs will be donated to support Ukraine.

“STOLEN LIFE” – is a unique and poignant documentary art project by Ukrainian art producer, writer and a volunteer Darina Dorogan in collaboration with the renowned photographer Oleksandr Zinevich.
War is a great equalizer. What is left when everything is lost? Our world is suffering from a growing number of conflicts, and this project offers a unique opportunity to experience these realities from a different perspective, evoking emotions, thoughts and dialogue.
The idea of this artistic endeavor is to shift the perception of the naked human body. By destigmatizing and desexualizing it. Authors have made it an efficient instrument to represent the pressing social issues of our time. Authors blended art with poetry in Hokku style, inviting visitors to better feel and witness the stories of our heroes.

“STOLEN LIFE” exhibit in Canada is brought to you with support by the Ukrainian journalist Anastasiya Ringis.

Supporting this project is not just about appreciating art. “STOLEN LIFE” has a significant charitable history. At the exhibit openings, this project have raised funds for Ukrainian military support to defend the values of freedom and dignity in Ukraine and also for Alla Melnychuk’s “Mother and Baby” foundation.
At the last show in Haarlem, Netherlands this project successfully raised money for a surgery of a young girl named Esther.

“DOORS”. Through the Horror of War” is a poignant and powerful art installation that tells the stories of millions of Ukrainians forced to abandon their homes due to the devastation and terror brought by russian soldiers.
On February 24, 2022, the war knocked on the door of every Ukrainian. The “DOORS” art installation shows and tells the stories of millions of Ukrainian men, women, and children who were forced to cross the doors of their homes to escape the war and terror of russian troops. Many of them died without being able to get out…The installation pays tribute to those who did not make it past the door of their homes and died during the war.
Artist draws a parallel with life as a door. Because doors, like people, have their own story. We will take you through the doors of Ukrainian homes, kindergartens, hospitals, cafes, and schools. To show you: what is life? What is death? What is fortitude? What is courage? And what is the price of freedom…
This powerful exhibit features authentic Ukrainian doors, each bearing the scars and damage inflicted by the war.
Since 2022, this moving installation has been showcased across Canada, offering audiences a visceral connection to the struggles and resilience of the Ukrainian people.

Ruslan Kurt is a contemporary Ukrainian-Crimean Tatar artist based in Toronto, Canada.
His work focuses on creating interactive art installations that delve into time and human connection.

For more information about the project, please visit the project website: https://www.ruslankurt.com/home/doors-through-the-horror-of-war-in-ukraine