At the Gallery

ART EXHIBIT "THE BABUSHKA SERIES" by FAY ST.MARIE April 27 to May 11, 2014 Opening: Sunday, April 27, at 2 p.m.
“The Babushka Series” by Fay St. Marie, reflects on the life of the widows in Ukraine and her mother’s Ukrainian heritage. Fay is a Vancouver Island artist with a Fine Arts Degree from University of Saskatchewan.


Kymf - FINAL

KUMF Gallery maintains a year round programme of art exhibitions where works by emerging,  mid-career and established visual artists are exhibited. Since 1975, the KUMF Gallery has organized hundreds of individual and group exhibitions, focusing on the work of artists of Ukrainian background from Canada, United States and Europe, occasionally other ethnic groups are included. Over the years, various styles, genres and media have been displayed in the gallery of the Foundation.

The Ukrainian Canadian Art Foundation is the custodian of the Permanent Collection. The Collection consists of more than 500 works of fine art by 155 artists representing a span of 90 years. The Permanent Collection contains paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture executed in a wide range of artistic styles, genres and media.  Works of well-known Canadian and American artists of Ukrainian background, as well as works of outstanding visual artists from Ukraine, dominate the Permanent Collection. Selected art from the Permanent Collection is frequently exhibited in the KUMF Gallery.